MacVoices #20066: CES – Flic Puts A Button In Your Smart Home System

At CES in Las Vegas, Flic was demonstrating their smart button that can not only do what the smart speakers do, but can do more. Maria Campo, Marketing & Sales Admin, explains why you need to add their buttons to your smart home. Supporting Zappier and IFTTT along with existing systems, find out why it might be easier to push a button than shouting at a speaker to control your home.

This edition of MacVoices is sponsored by Smile, the makers of PDFpen and PDFpenPro, PDFpen for iPad, PDFpen for iPhone, PDFpen Scan+, as well as TextExpander for Mac and TextExpander for iPhone and iPad, as well as the new TextExpander for Windows. Great software to help you get more done.

Show Notes:

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