MacVoices #19144: Victor Agreda Compares Pixelmator Pro and Photoshop CC

With Adobe appearing in the tech headlines for a variety of reasons recently, we wanted to talk to Victor Agreda about an article he penned for TidBITS. Victor related his experiences with Pixelmator Pro, and how it compared to Photoshop CC, with a focus on some specific features, and why you might want to review your pixel editor of choice. Our conversation covered the speed of the program, where Pixelmator Pro shines, and where Photoshop CC comes out on top. If you are making a purchasing decision, or reviewing the one you’ve already made, listen to what Victor has to say first. Victor also talks about one of his current projects that takes a different, analog approach to productivity.


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Victor Agreda is a Creative Director, Journalist, and all-around Multimedia Production Expert with over 15 years of success leading content and strategy initiatives to build and engage large audiences.His core skills include: Content Optimization, Editing, Performance Management, Strategic Marketing, and Digital & Print Trends Currently he is a Producer & Broadcast Journalist for the University of Tennessee. He produces, hosts, and edits weekly programming, writing six stories daily and serving an audience of over 160,000 people. Victor is  also CEO of Superpixel Studios where he has produced videos and voice-overs for cutting-edge technology companies, and built websites for dozens of clients. His career highlights also include success as Editor-in-Chief & Senior Programming Manager for AOL where he managed a virtual team of writers and content producers around the globe to produce six top-tier blogs with a combined audience of over 10,000,000 unique monthly visitors. Follow him on Twitter, catch up with him on his blog,, and see some of his recent projects, and


Pixelmator Pro: How Does It Compare to Photoshop CC? by Victor Agreda on TidBITS