MacVoices #18244: App Camp For Girls Gains New Co-Executive Directors

App Camp For Girls recently announced the appointment of new Co-Executive Directors Aleen Simms and Michelle Panulla as the organization continues to grow. Co-Founder Grey Osten joins Aleen and Michelle to discuss the current status and future of App Camp, the challenges they face, and some of the new activities they are using to develop their community.

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Grey Osten has been writing iOS apps since 2010 and currently works with Smile, the Mac and iOS productivity software company, and is the lead developer for App Camp For Girls. Before joining Smile, Grey worked with Fish Hook. The journey to becoming an iOS developer started with a background in fine arts and a love for Apple products. After 4 years as a Mac Genius, Grey made the jump to writing apps. Follow Grey on Twitter.

Michelle Paulla is the Co-Executive Director of App Camp For Girls. Find out about all of her projects on her web site,, learn about her band at, and follow her on Twitter.

Aleen Simms is the Co-Executive Director of App Camp For Girls. She also has her own business, App Launch Map, her own podcast, Originality, and is a regular on several of the The Incomparable shows. You can follow her on Twitter.