MacVoices #18187: Ray Robertson Discusses AppleScript and the CMD-D Down Home Scripting Bootcamp

Ray Robertson is back to talk about the benefits and characteristics of AppleScript, and how he will introduce attendees of the CMD-D Down-Home Scripting Boot Camp. Ray discusses what he and scripting guru Sal Soghoian will be teaching, why you don’t need any prior scripting experience to benefit from the conference, and some of the extra-curricular activities that are available after conference hours.

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Show Notes:

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Ray Robertson started working with automation technologies shortly after purchasing his first Mac. With a background in typography, he began by using macro programs and database publishing utilities for an Atlanta-based typesetting firm. In 1998 Ray started his own company focused on AppleScript solutions and training, Scripting Matters, successfully using scripting to automate Atlanta’s infamous traffic out of his working life. As a teacher, he organized and co-taught AppleScript Pro Sessions, a five-day in-depth training event. He has led seminars for Adobe and Apple, including a very successful European tour focused on automating the Finder, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator with AppleScript. Through custom development and/or training, Ray has helped many prominent companies, including Accuweather, Comedy Central, McGraw/Hill, Pearson, Reebok, and Universal Press Syndicate. Ray’s primary focus is helping clients rapidly improve productivity, sometimes reducing weeks of tedious work to a few hours. Whether working with custom development or training, Ray knows good listening and communication skills are just as important as technical expertise. With a background in desktop publishing instead of IT, he readily understands the challenges many people face in deadline-driven environments. He is passionate about making automated solutions easy to use and maintain. Over the years, Ray has also established a great network of skilled developers and consultants. He has partnered with other developers to create very sophisticated solutions using multiple scripting languages, including JavaScript, as well as more higher level languages, such as Objective-C. Ray has also done some iOS programming, creating an early iPad app which was recognized as New & Noteworthy by Apple staff. In 2014, he acquired Automated Workflows, and continues to operate that company as well as his own. Ray earned his BA with summa cum laude honors at Berry College where he served as editor of an award-winning student newspaper. After many years as a recreational racquetball player, Ray now focuses on qi gong, yoga, tai chi and pilates. He and his wife, Marina, live in a small community outside the metro Atlanta area.