MacVoices #18165: Road to Macstock – Guy Serle On The MyMac Game Show

Our next stop on the Road to Macstock is a conversation with Guy Serle, who gives us some insight into one of the fun activities at this year’s event, the MyMac Game Show. This year’s show will be a little different; Guy explains how, tests Chuck’s knowledge, and explains why any live streaming activities may or may not work well.

Show Notes:

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Guy Serle, best known for being one of the co-hosts of the MyMac Podcast, sincerely apologizes for anything he has done or caused to have happened while in possession of dangerous podcasting equipment. He should know better but being a blonde from Florida means he’s probably incapable of understanding the damage he has wrought. Guy is also the author of the novel, The Maltese Cube. You can follow his exploits on Twitter, and catch his latest project, Mac to the Future, on Facebook.