MacVoices #17163: Macstock – Jeff Butts on Hackintosh Building and Joining The Mac Observer

At Macstock 2017, for his first appearance on MacVoices, Jeff Butts of The Mac Observer talks about his unusual journey to the Mac by building a Hackintosh laptop at a very challenging time, why you can expect to see more Hackintosh information on TMO, and how he came to write for them. 

Show Notes:

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Jeff Butts was a nerd long before they got their revenge. He’s been voiding warranties since the early 1980s, when he took apart his uncle’s 286 to try coaxing a bit more power out of the Hercules graphics controller. Either by luck or skill (or both), nobody ever knows he’s voided their warranty because Jeff knows and lives by the most important rule: don’t get caught. These days, when Jeff’s not voiding warranties, he’s writing about voiding warranties. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook.