MacVoices #17093: Gordon Daily of BoxCast Profiles Their Event Streaming Hardware and Services

Everyone wants to stream their events, and with BoxCast, they can. Gordon Daily, the CEO and Founder, explains how their simple-to-use hardware box and streaming service can stream whatever you want with ease. BoxCast can accept almost any video source and get it out to your audience. Want to get more sophisticated? BoxCast can accept scoreboard inputs and more to enhance your broadcast. Gordon explains all their options and capabilities, and talks about the very unusual way they got their start.

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Gordon Daily is the CEO & Co-Founder of BoxCast, a live video streaming company that offers a complete, easy-to-use hardware & software solution for organizations. After receiving his BS and MS in computer engineering from Case Western Reserve University, he spent 12 years at Rockwell Automation. During his time at Rockwell, Gordon managed mission-critical projects, tackled tough technical problems, crafted international business deals, and came up with creative product marketing solutions. He also managed to be awarded a half-dozen patents.