MacVoices #17091: Ted Landau’s Reaction To Apple’s Future Mac Plans

Ted Landau is back to provide his thoughts on Apple’s now-announced plans for the Mac Pro, iMac, and Mac mini. We now know all those “The Mac is dead” stories were just that. Ted looks at whether they were genuine, or just click-bait, why the Mac Pro wasn’t what pros were looking for, and what an iMac targeted to the pro crowd might look like. Ted also recounts some of his adventures in connecting his Amazon Echo to his favorite sound bar, and offers assistance for those wanting to do the same.

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Show Notes:

NOTE: Ted asked that a note be made that when he said that the “Mac mini dropped dual processor option,” he mis-spoke. He meant to say that it dropped the “quad-core” option.


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Ted Landau is the author of several Mac and iPhone help books and was the founder of MacFixIt. He has also been a contributor to numerous magazines and websites, including Macworld and The Mac Observer. He currently blogs on Ted Landau’s Slanted Viewpoint, and you can follow him on Twitter.


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