MacVoices #17090: Road to Macstock – Bill Geraci’s Take On Troubleshooting Mac Problems

Troubleshooting takes its place on the Road to Macstock in a conversation with Bill Geraci. Bill covers his background, his need to teach and inform, and his approach to troubleshooting via his “7 levels of computing” methodology. Find out how he translates what a user is reporting into useful diagnostic information, and what you will learn from his main stage session.

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Bill Geraci hates computers but loves helping people understand how to use and understand them. A refugee from The Humanities (well, actually, from Classics) he turned to computers because they pay you more without all those letters after your name….

Working with Macs from 1990 he has built an enviable reputation for being able to illustrate the obscure to the disinterested–and then showing them why they do care!

Currently a staff “computer guy” at the University of Chicago while doing some private consulting he’d be happy to help you figure out more than you now know about computers. No, really, he would be happy so to do!