MacVoices #16159: Victor Cajiao On The Tech, Creativity and Business of Creating a Music CD

Victor Cajiao, along with musical partner Joe Cristina, has released Surrender, a musical project years in the making. Victor gives us a fascinating look at what it takes for an independent artist to put together a commercially available CD, start to finish. From the tech involved in creating the first rough demos to getting the music published on the streaming services and making a physical CD available, he walks us through the process, describing what is involved in each step. Along the way Victor gives us much to think about what it means to support and compensate musicians.

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After taking a break from podcasting,  Victor Cajiao  is back with his new show,  TerraTech, “Exploring a World of Technology”, where he examines technology in all its iterations, not just computing. Follow him on  Twitter.  


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