MacVoices #16154: Road to Macstock – Mike Potter’s Update on Macstock 2016

The Road to Macstock  wraps up with an update from organizer Mike Potter on the panel of speakers that has been assembled, the international flavor of the attendees, and a fashionable accessory that has been added to the mix. In the absence of Barry Fulk, Mike also adds to the information about the Midwest Mac BBQ companion event, reminds us about the discount code that can save you $25 off admission to everything, and tells us why you may still be able to benefit from Macstock (six months later) even if you can’t make it. Hope to see you at Macstock!

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Michael Potter  is the Executive Producer of  For Mac Eyes Only. Mike’s love-affair for all things Apple began in his Junior High’s Library playing Lemonade Stand on a pair of brand new Apple ][+ computers. His penchant for Apple gear continued to be nurtured by the public school system when, in High School, he was hired as a lab supervisor to help run the Apple ][e lab for his fellow students and their Print Shop needs. Then, further still, in college he often opted to help a friend with her Computer Graphics coursework instead of focusing on his own studies … but only because it helped get him closer to the Mac-lab.

The first Macintosh that Mike could truly call his own, was a sad little Mac Plus he picked up from a garage sale for $20 with the intention of turning it into a Macquarium. When he flipped the switch and found it still happily booted, he didn’t have the heart to gut it and, instead, nursed the little guy back to health by installing a new hard drive and upgraded SuperDrive. A similarly rescued Macintosh SE/30 soon followed.

Since that time, in addition to the two early Macintosh’s, Mike’s stable of Macs has grown to include: a PowerMac 7600; two early G3 iMacs (strawberry and dalmation); the G4 Cube with matching 17″ CRT; a 17″ G5 iMac; a PowerMac G5; a G4 Mac Mini; his daughter’s white MacBook; a 2006 17″ MacBook Pro; a 1st-Gen Mac Pro; a 2011 15″ MacBook Pro; a 2010 21.5″ iMac; a Late-2012 27″ iMac; and his wife’s 13″ MacBook Pro. And an iPad.

In the time since his weekly Mac podcast was first unleashed to a wary public in the Fall of 2006, over 290 episodes of For Mac Eyes Only, and more than 135 Quick Tips and other Special Segments have been produced to date. In 2013, For Mac Eyes Only launched a new Members Only portion of the site called FMEO Plus featuring exclusive video, audio, and more.

Through it all, Mike’s favorite part of producing the show continues to be the opportunity to make new friends within the ever-growing community of Apple fanatics. Follow him on Twitter as @macstockexpo and @formaceyesonly.


Register at and use the code MacVoices25Off to save $25 on your ticket to both Macstock and The Midwest Mac BBQ