MacVoices #16096: Charles Edge Takes Control of OS X Server 5 and More

Charles Edge has advanced  Take Control of OS X Server to the third edition, this time covering the revisions and changes in Server 5. While the update to Server isn’t massive, some controls have been relocated and renamed. Charles talks about some of those changes, why you might not want to run your own server, and why you definitely shouldn’t run your own mail server. If you do, though, Charles discusses automatic software updates, how and why to back up servers, and more. The conversation also touches on security, the goods and bads of corporate IT departments, and Charles’ many other projects and books.

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Charles Edge  has written 9 books and over 3,000 blog posts on technology, with a focus on large-scale systems and server management, including  Take Control of OS X Server  .He is currently a product manager for  JAMF Software. When not playing with computers at work, he can be found at home tinkering with computers for fun.  His personal blog is  and you can  follow him on Twitter.    



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