MacVoices #15184: The Launch My Apple Magazine with Steve Sande and Krystian Kozerawski

There’s a new Apple-oriented publication on the scene. Steve Sande of Apple World Today and Krystian Kozerawski of tell us what we can expect from the English-language My Apple magazine. A joint effort between the two sites, MyApple magazine will have a tight focus on all things Apple, eschewing the “lifestyle” pieces that have become part of the tech landscape. Steve and Krystian talk about the genesis of the collaboration at Macworld, how it is being funded as a free download, and what you can do to support it.

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Krystian Kozerawski has been a Polish blogger since 2008, and is the Editor in Chief of MyApple.PL. He also produces three podcasts: Diabelskie Ustrojstwa (Diabolical Machines) about technology and its impact on life, and MacGadka, a Polish weekly podcast about Apple, and MyApple Daily. He is also a guitarist with four albums to his credit, and is currently playing with SonusVena. You can follow him on Twitter.

Steve Sande also writes way too much. He’s the head guy at Apple World Today, and recently logged over one million words written in just over three years. He’s written a number of books for Take Control Books and Apress, is married to a rocket scientist, and spends his days being bossed by a cat. You can watch what he says on Twitter.