MacVoices #15170: Rindle Gives Us A Look Behind The Scenes at Software Development

The co-founders of Rindle, a soon-to-be task management application, give us a look behind the scenes at the early stage of app development. Brian Faust, the CEO  and Tom Planer, the CTO talk about how they are building the software that they want to use, and that they believe others will too. Publicity, feedback from potential users and product vision, as well as funding, integration with other products, and the business aspects of a start-up are all part of the conversation.

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Show Notes:

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Brian Faust is a co-founder of Rindle. With over 12 years of industry experience, Brian has a proven track record in software development and product management. His successes include the development of custom web and mobile applications for Fortune 500 companies, with a focus in pharmaceuticals, lighting, automotive, and retail. Before co-founding Rindle, Brian has planned and developed products for startups in the photo, video, and music sharing space in addition to a consumer facing spin off for one of the largest undergarment providers in the US. You can reach Brian on Twitter.

Tom Planer is a co-founder of Rindle. Tom is a full stack web developer who has been active in the industry since his teens. He has a proven track record of not only building custom web and mobile applications, but also leading teams of designers and developers in creating them. Tom is not new to the startup world, prior to Rindle he worked to both architect and implement scalable server side solutions for a social music application used by hundreds of thousands of people. You can reach Tom on Twitter.

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