MacVoices #14184: David Sparks on Delivering Your Best Presentations

David Sparks shares some of the wisdom he has obtained in his new  MacSparky Field Guide, Presentations. As someone who does presentations for a living, David has gained a great deal of  information on what makes (or breaks) a great presentation. With a focus on Keynote, David addresses not only the “nuts and bolts” of presentation creation, but also the mindset of the presenter and some simple tips that helps set you apart. Sharing some of the book’s content, David tells us what you’ll find there, why he felt it was important to include a huge amount of video, and how you can benefit from Presentations even if you aren’t an iBooks user.

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David Sparks  is a trial attorney who finally came out of the closet and admitted he was a nerd several years ago. David publishes  and is the co-host of the  Mac Power Users  podcast. David also writes occasionally for  Macworld  and has authored a total of seven books including, Mac at Work  and iPad at Work,  60 Mac Tips, Volume 1  with Brett Terpstra, Paperless,  Markdown  with Eddie Smith,  Email and Presentations.


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