MacVoices #13206: Christopher Breen On Music Curation, Music Streaming and Music Listening

Macworld Senior Editor Christopher Breen goes with us on a deep dive into the subject of music. The discussion starts with music curation – automatic with Pandora, more human-based with iTunes Radio. Chris explains why he feels one is, at least for now, superior to the other, and why. From there, music distribution and appreciation, streaming vs. owning, Sonos and more all get thrown in the mix, along with a review of the online music services, and why Chris picks one over the rest.

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Christopher Breen  has been writing about Apple and its technology since the latter days of the Reagan administration for such publication as MacUser, MacWEEK, and Macworld. Currently a  Macworld  senior editor he pens the  Mac 911  tips and troubleshooting column, hosts the  Macworld Podcast, is author of  The iPhone Pocket Guide, Sixth Edition (6th Edition)  (Peachpit Press), and offers software tutorials  on such subjects as OS X Lion, the iPad, and screencasting. When not engaged in journalistic endeavors he’s a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area.