MacVoices #13136: Karen Anderson Discusses the History, Challenges and State of Blogging

Karen Anderson has many passions, one of which is the subject of blogging. In the first of a series of conversations on the subject, Karen helps us understand where we’re going by learning about where we’ve been in the world of blogging. Didn’t know blogging had a history? It does, from an origin in a surprising form of offline communication to what Karen calls the “Golden Age” and “Dark Days” of blogging, to the rise of microblogging. Along the way, sources of content, the crossing of swords with traditional media and more all contribute to our understanding of this popular and evolving form of online expression. Look for more conversations with Karen on this subject in future editions of MacVoices.

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Karen Anderson  is a Seattle-based writer and web content professional who brings common sense to social media. She develops online marketing communications materials for clients in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. She conducts social media audits, leads web content seminars, and speaks at technology industry gatherings including Ignite Seattle and  Macworld/iWorld. Karen worked as a writer and managing editor at Apple for six years, and after leaving Apple wrote the ebook  Take Control of iPhone Basics. She blogs at,,, and

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