MacVoices #1279: Erik Bernskiold Discusses Adobe Lightroom 4 and Adobe Creative Cloud

Graphics guy Erik Bernskiold is back to talk about the newest version of Adobe Lightroom and help us understand the Adobe Creative Cloud. Lightroom offers the digital photographer a powerful tool, but how does it stack up against Apple’s Aperture? Is it a viable upgrade from iPhoto for the casual user? Erik discusses the feature set, what the new version brings to the table, and why you should consider it if you’re even a little serious about your photos. Adobe Creative Cloud might be the most confusing thing going for many of us, especially given the controversy over the seemingly constant upgrade policy changes for Adobe Creative Suite owners. Erik helps us understand what programs and features are available in each option, what the new service offers and how it all works.


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Erik Bernskiold is a web designer and technology geek who spends his days building websites for clients at XLD Studios as well as trains people in software and design at Bernskiold Media .

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