MacVoices #1094: Ian Schray Discusses Protecting Your Mac From Theft with GadgetTrak

Three has been plenty of attention to locating your iPhone or iPod with MobileMe, but what about your Mac? Ian Schray has the answer with GadgetTrak, a service that lets you track your Mac laptop if stolen. Ian takes us through some disturbing FBI statistics about laptop theft, and describes how GadgetTrak can help you not contribute to them. GadgetTrack allows you to locate your missing Mac (or PC) using Wi-Fi positioning, take photos of the thief with the built-in camera, and obtain information that can help law enforcement recover you Mac and catch the bad guys. Not just for laptops, Ian covers how they work with educational institutions to help protect Mac labs, desktop or portable, and why that is such an important consideration given the cost of insurance for such installations.


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