MacVoices #10117: From BlogWorld 2010: BookBrewer and Borders Team Up To Sell Your Blog as a Book

In Las Vegas at BlogWorld, Dan Pacheco, Founder and CEO of FeedBrewer Inc., and Kelly Peterson, eBook Manager for Borders, discuss BookBrewer, the site that lets bloggers turn their sites into ebooks, suitable for publication and sale. Dan reviews the process, how much it costs, how web sites get converted to ebooks, how long the process takes, and how they are distributed for sale. Kelly talks about Border’s involvement in distribution and how it fits with their model of delivering content that people want to read. In Border’s eyes, Book Brewer books will have the same status as any other book from a major publisher and that has significant implications for the publication of your book. Not just for blogs, BookBrewer can generate an ebook, ready for publication, from a variety of sources, including Word and PDF files.


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