MacNotables #1036: Ted Landau Loves His MacBook Air and is Cautious About a Mac App Store

Ted Landau is the proud owner of a new MacBook Air, and provides some insight into the benefits and limitations of the SSD drive, the unibody construction and how it compares to the PC...

MacNotables #656: Jim Dalrymple’s PowerBook Troubleshooting Methods

Jim Dalrymple discusses problems with his PowerBook, the (sometimes) extreme methods he used to troubleshoot the problem (including a trip to Jim's own brand of isolation) and the final solution. Jim also talks about...

MacNotables #694: Dennis Sellers on the MacsimumNews Macworld Coupon Book

Dennis Sellers discusses the onslaught of pre-Expo activity in options for running Windows on the Mac. If you have the need, someone is offering the solution...or working on it. Dennis also introduces his latest...
Chuck Joiner, Adam Engst

MacVoices #21179: MacVoices Live! – Adam Engst and Chuck Joiner at CIDER (2)

Adam Engst and Chuck Joiner continue their visit to the Apple CIDER user group in Rochester NY with a broader discussion of privacy and technology before turning to the iPhone 13. Buying new, handing down...
Chuck Joiner, Jason Snell

MacVoices #17224: Jason Snell Takes Control of the Latest Versions of Photos

In the new version of Photos: A Take Control Crash Course, Jason Snell helps you get the most out of the apps on both macOS and iOS. Jason joins us to discuss the evolution of Apple’s photo...