MacJury #1011: The MacJury Deliberates on The AT&T iPhone and iPad Data Plan Changes

One of the hottest cases on the docket is AT&T’s revisions to their iPhone and iPad data plans, and The MacJury isn’t afraid to discuss the evidence from all sides of the story. The panel cover their initial, sometimes angry, reactions to the changes, then settle down to examine their own usage rates and how they compare to the new plans, the announcement (finally) of tethering, and whether the pricing is a deterrent, revealing AT&T’s fears over network capacity. Industry trends in relation to the announcements, the desirability of an unlimited plan, jailbreak options, how all this compares on an international basis, and more are all discussed by the distinguished group that includes Jeff Gamet, Pat Fauquet, Keith Lang, Chuck LaTournous, and Michael Johnston.


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