Chuck Joiner, Gregorio Zanon

MacVoices #16173: iMazing 2 Gives You Better Access to Your iOS Devices

With a new version of iOS comes a new version of iMazing, the Swiss Army Knife of iOS management.  Gregorio Zanon of DigiDNA, the makers of iMazing, talks about both the legacy and new...
Chuck Joiner, Paul Kafasis

MacVoices #16194: Five Questions with Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba

Paul Kafasis, the head man at Rogue Amoeba, gives us a brief update on the new version of their AirFoil application that lets you send audio from your Mac to Google Chromecast before settling...
Chuck Joiner, David Kellogg

MacVoices #17013: Pepcom – 1More Introduces New Quad Driver Headphones

At Pepcom in Las Vegas, 1More continues a run of terrific headphones with a new set of quad driver headphones that deliver amazing sound at terrific prices. Director of Brand Strategy and Development David Kellogg discusses...
Chuck Joiner, Jason Snell

MacVoices #15127: Jason Snell Delivers a Crash Course on Photos for Mac

Jason Snell  hasn't  written a tech book in a long time, but he changed all that with his new Photos for Mac: A Take Control Crash Course. Jason takes a deep dive into Apple's...
Sam McKinney, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #17035: CES – Echobox and Snugs Earphones Deliver An Amazing, Custom Audio Experience

At CES in Las Vegas, Sam McKinney, Chief Commercial Officer for Echobox, talks about their Explorer audio player that takes portable, lossless audio to the next level. First, they partner with Snugs Earphones to give you...