Chuck La Tournous, Mark Fuccio, Peter Cohen, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #16074: The MacJury Discusses What Apple Needs To Improve

The first MacJury of 2016 takes on a broad topic: what Apple needs to do better. Do they pay too much attention to the analysts and Wall Street? Are they spreading themselves too thin?...
Chuck Joiner, Chris Cowles

MacVoices #15052: CES – Scosche Delivers New Speakers, Batteries, Earphones and Cables

On the show floor at  International CES  in Las Vegas, we get a look at just a few of the newest additions to the Scosche line of products from  Chris Cowles, including the boomBOTTLE...
Chuck Joiner, Heather Maurer

MacVoices #14027: CES – Griffin Technology Show Off New Gear

From  International CES  in Las Vegas, Heather Maurer  of Griffin Technology gives us a quick tour of some of their new products for the show, including the new PowerMate Bluetooth, a knob controller with...
Chuck Joiner, Philip Goward

MacVoices #16182: Five Questions with Philip Goward of Smile

Philip Goward of Smile  is the second guest in our “Five Questions” series that helps us get to know how some of our friends use their technology. Philip talks about his unusual choice of...
David Sparks, Brett Terpstra

MacVoices #12122: David Sparks and Brett Terpstra Discuss 60 Mountain Lion Tips

The authors of the new iBook, 60 Mountain Lion Tipsa, David Sparks and Brett Terpstra,  give us a a look behind the curtain at what it took to put the book together, including...