Mark Hollis

MacVoices #1022: MacVoices at Macworld – Mark Hollis of MacPractice Discusses Heath Care, Regulatory Requirements and Their Software Solutions

On the show floor at Macworld 2010, Mark Hollis of MacPractice provides an update on their medical office software. Government documentation fulfillment is burdensome at best; MacPractice can help physicians manage the paperwork to...
Bill Atkinson

MacVoices #1019: MacVoices at Macworld – Bill Atkinson Shows Off His New PhotoCard iPhone App, and Comments on the iPad

Bill Atkinson earned his place in Macintosh history as part of the original Macintosh development team, and as the author of MacPaint. These days, Bill is is a nature photographer, looking for a way...
Glenn Fleishman

MacVoices #1017: Glenn Fleishman Takes Control of Screen Sharing and Back To My Mac

Glenn Fleishman has just updated two Take Control books, Take Control of Screen Sharing in Snow Leopard and Take Control of Back To My Mac, and helps us understand the many ways that both...
David Sparks

MacVoices #1016: The Road to Macworld – David Sparks Talks About His Sessions on The Mac At Work and Numbers

The Road to Macworld leads us to David Sparks of MacSparky, who delivers a preview of the three sessions he is presenting at Macworld 2010. An attorney by profession, David will talk about using...
Ron Diamond

MacVoices #1010: The Road to Macworld – Ron Diamond Demystifies iPhone App Development

On The Road to Macworld 2010, we talk to Ron Diamond of Parade of Progress Productions, who will be leading a high-level iPhone session at the show, Demystifying iPhone App Development: A Non-Technical Overview...