Final Cut Pro SuperMeet

MacVoices #1082: Daniel Berube and Michael Horton Talk About The Final Cut Pro SuperMeet Move to Boston

Conference organizers Daniel Berube and Michael Horton are taking the Final Cut Pro SuperMeet experience to Boston in June, the first SuperMeet on the East Coast. Dan and Mike talk about why they...
Chuck Joiner, Xiang Cao

MacVoices #20038: CES – Wonder Painter Brings Your Drawings And Photos To Life, Then Animates Them

At CES in Las Vegas, one of our favorite demos came from Xiang Cao, PhD, the CEO of Wonder Painter. Turning simple drawings into 3D animated characters was easy, but taking a photo of...
Chuck Joiner, Jason Wudi

MacVoices #15171: Jason Wudi on How JAMF’s Casper Suite Is Ready for iOS 9

Jason Wudi, the Chief Technology Officer for JAMF Software talks about how their Casper Suite is ready on Day 1 of iOS 9 availability to help IT professionals deploy apps and protect corporate assets...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #19078: Joe Kissell Updates Six Different Take Control Books For Mojave

Joe Kissell makes up for lost time in his first MacVoices appearance for 2019 by highlighting updates to six, count ‘em, six Take Control titles, including: Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac Take Control of...
Ben Nowak, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #23138: NAB – Cinamaker Introduces High-Quality Live Zoom Production

At NAB in Las Vegas, Ben Nowak, CEO for Cinamaker, gives us a demo of their latest enhancements that include multiple high quality video streams through Zoom for video creation, video conferencing, and live streaming. Integrating all types...