Greg Scown, Philip Goward, Oliver Breidenbach, Kirk McElhearn, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #13144: The MacJury Examines Mac OS Wants, Needs and Expectations Before WWDC

A little while ago, we looked at what we want, need and expect to see for iOS at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference. This time, we take a look at what our panel wants,...
Chuck Joiner, Geoff Barrall

MacVoices #1355: Macworld 2013 – Geoff Barrall Introduces Transporter, Your Personal Cloud Storage Device

In the Podcast booth on show floor at Macworld/iWorld 2013, we talk to Connected Data CEO Geoff Barrall about one of the hot products introduced at the show, the Transporter. A connected storage device...
Chris Demiris, Terri Morgan, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #19195: Terri Morgan and Chris Demiris On The New Version of LumaFusion

Terri Morgan, Co-Founder and Principle Designer, and Chris Demiris, Co-Founder and Principal Engineer, both of Luma Touch, have been busy since we talked to them at NAB. They give is an impressive sample of the new...
Chuck Joiner, David Sparks

MacVoices #15079: David Sparks Delivers New Field Guides on OmniFocus and Workflow

David Sparks has published the latest editions to his Field Guide series,  OminFocus Video Field Guide and Workflow Video Field Guide, but with a twist. These are video-only, giving extended length training on each...
Hendrick Heyrman

MacVoices #1118: Macworld 2011 – HyperJuice Keeps Your Mac Laptop or iPad Going and Going

In the Sanho booth at Macworld 2011, Hendrick Heyrman talks about how they were able to overcome their disagreement with Apple regarding the MagSafe Connector and find a simple, affordable and legal way to...