Mark Fuccio

MacVoices #1071: Mark Fuccio Introduces Drobo FS, A New Drobo Featuring a Cloud Option, ‘Plug and Share” and More

Mark Fuccio, the Senior Director of Products & Markets for Data Robotics is back to introduce the newest Drobo product, the Drobo FS. Need a file server? Drobo FS is for you. Boasting "plug...
Marco Arment

MacVoices #1070: Developer Marco Arment Discusses The Instapaper Family of Solutions for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Marco Arment is "the guy who does everything for Instapaper." Marco talks about the very practical and personal, origins of Instapaper, arguably one of the most useful apps for the Mac, the iPhone, and...
Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #1067: Jeff Carlson Discusses iPad Anticipation from an Author’s Perspective

Jeff Carlson is writing The iPad Pocket Guide for Peachpit, and talks about the challenges of covering the iPad before the release date. Jeff was one of the lucky ones who had some hands-on...
Joe Kissell

MacVoices #1065: Joe Kissell Discusses Making the Move From POP Email to IMAP Email

Take Control Books author Joe Kissell tackles the subject of converting your email from POP to IMAP. What is POP? What is IMAP? Joe walks us through the answers and why you should care....
Satheesh Akkinepall

MacVoices #1056: MacVoices at Macworld – BeeJive Aggregates Your iPhone Chat Options

At Macworld 2010, Satheesh Akkinepall of BeeJive shows how their app lets you stay in touch with your friends no matter what instant message service you (or they) prefer. BeeJive allows simultaneous presence on...