Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Mark Fuccio, Andrew Orr

MacVoices #20279: MacVoices Live! – AirPods Max, Google Chrome Issues, Apple Hardware Subscriptions (1)

The latest edition of MacVoices Live! marked our first dual stream to both Facebook and YouTube as the panel of David Ginsburg, Mark Fuccio, Andrew Orr, and Frank Petrie provided some follow-up information from a viewer on our...
Laurence Hallier, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15016: Digital Experience – Typo Keyboards Delivers New Physical iOS Keyboards

At  Pepcom's Digital Experience  in Las Vegas,  Laurence Hallier of Typo Keyboards demonstrates the new Typo2 keyboard case that gives you a physical keyboard for your iPhone 6, and their newest product, a Typo...
Giulia Giovanelli

MacVoices #1115: Macworld 2011 – Papershow For Teachers Provides Inexpensive Wireless Display From Paper to Screen

From the show floor at Macworld 2011, Giulia Giovanelli of Canson shows off the latest improvements to Papershow, their technology that provides inexpensive paper-to-display capabilities for everyone. Papershow is now focusing on the education...
Chuck Joiner, Yarlv Ganor

MacVoices #17050: CES – Kado Shows Off Thin and Foldable Wall Chargers

At CES in Las Vegas, thin is the word for new electronics wall chargers from Kado. Chief Marketing Officer Yarlv Ganor demonstrates one phone charger model that is, literally, thin enough to fit in your wallet,...
Chuck Joiner, Philipp Sonnleitner

MacVoices #18036: ShowStoppers – Mikme Provides High Quality Audio Recording for Smartphone Videography

At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, Philipp Sonnleitner the founder and CEO of Mikme, explains how their CES Award-winning wireless microphone and audio recorder solves the issues associated with Bluetooth buffering and bandwidth to deliver high quality results...