Chuck Joiner, David ginsburg, Eric Bolden, Jim Rea, Web Bixby, Jeff Gamet

MacVoices #22174: MacVoices Live! – Netflix Games, Mac mini Redesign, Mac Studio (2)

Next up for this MacVoices Live! panel is a discussion of games on Netflix (surprise!), whether there will be or should be a Mac mini redesign, and how the Mac Studio fits into that...
Chuck Joiner, Dr. Hong-Dun Lin

MacVoices #23018: CES Unveiled – IKRI’s Shirt Let’s You Feel Your Video Game’s Kicks and Punches

At CES in Las Vegas, the Industrial Technology Research Institute was showing off a shirt with built-in sensors that provides haptic feedback during video games so that you feel the kicks and punches. Dr. Hong-Dun Lin shows how...

MacVoices #8103: Ben Gottlieb of Stand Alone Talks About Crosswords and the iPhone Developer Puzzle

Ben Gottlieb of Stand Alone Inc., the makers of Crosswords for the iPhone, discusses their history with crossword puzzles that dates back to the Newton, why they published Crosswords for the jailbroken iPhone, and...
Chuck Joiner, Francois-Xavier Seta

MacVoices #17061: CES – PIQ’s Robot Can Make You A Better Golfer

At CES in Las Vegas, we talked to François-Xavier Seta, Head of GTM and Brand Partnership Activation at PIQ about the PIQ Robot, a combination of glove sensor, RFID tags for each club, and iOS app that...
Chuck Joiner, Jim Tanous

MacVoices #13135: Jim Tanous Launches The New Tech News Site, TekRevue

TekRevue is the newest tech news and information site on the web, and we've got the founder and head guy, Jim Tanous, to tell us about it. Jim talks about why, in an already...