Chuck Joiner, Michael Volpe

MacVoices #21013: CES – IOGEAR Intros New Gaming, Streaming, and Remote Working Gear

IOGEAR introduced some intriguing new products for gamers, some powerful new options for video streaming, and some gear that can help make working from home just a little easier. Marketing Manager Mike Volpe takes us through...
Chuck Joiner, Josh Centers

MacVoices #14044: Josh Centers Takes Control of Apple TV

Josh Centers  tackles Apple's set-top device in his new Take Control of Apple TV. From powering it up the very first time to some of the advanced capabilities, Josh helps you get the most...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Butts, David Ginsburg, Warren Sklar, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea, Andrew Orr

MacVoices #22165: MacVoices Live! – Apple, Games, & Money; Are M1 Laptops Being Ignored? (2)

Our discussion of the revenue earned by Apple in games, and why it is so surprising, continues with Chuck Joiner, Jeff Butts, David Ginsburg, Warren Sklar, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea, and Andrew Orr. Then, the MacVocies Live! panel focuses on whether the...
Parenting in the Internet Age Panel

MacVoices #1117: Macworld 2011 – Parenting in the Age of the Internet

On the Macworld Live stage at Macworld 2011, a panel of Mac technologists discuss the challenges of raising children in a connected world that is constantly changing. Social media use, gaming, cell phone use,texting,...
Chuck Joiner, Hansol Hong

MacVoices #17063: CES – Robolink’s CoDrone Is Programmable, Upgradable, and Battle-Ready

At CES in Las Vegas, Hansol Hong, CEO of Robolink, discusses the features and versatility of their CoDrone, a small drone that can help teach kids to program, and can be easily upgraded with...