Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #1067: Jeff Carlson Discusses iPad Anticipation from an Author’s Perspective

Jeff Carlson is writing The iPad Pocket Guide for Peachpit, and talks about the challenges of covering the iPad before the release date. Jeff was one of the lucky ones who had some hands-on...
Omaha Sternburg

MacVoices #1039: MacVoices at Macworld – Omaha Sternberg of iGame Radio Reports on Mac, iPhone and iPad Gaming

On the show floor of Macworld 2010, Omaha Sternberg of iGame Radio talks about the state of games on the Mac, what was hot at Macworld for game enthusiasts, and the iPhone's status as...
Nick Floro

MacVoices #1013: The Road to Macworld – Nick Floro Discusses The Wide Variety of His Macworld Sessions

The next stop on The Road to Macworld Expo has us talking to Nick Floro about his sessions that cover a wide variety of important topics for those in business who want to improve...

MacVoices #931: Macworld Expo – Andreas Klavehn of Cinemizer Introduces Their Personal Video Option, Complete with 3D

You may look a little unusual wearing them, but the cinemizer personal video glasses from Zeiss deliver some amazing video, just for you. Andreas Klavehn talks about what makes cinemizer different, including optical technology...

MacVoices #8103: Ben Gottlieb of Stand Alone Talks About Crosswords and the iPhone Developer Puzzle

Ben Gottlieb of Stand Alone Inc., the makers of Crosswords for the iPhone, discusses their history with crossword puzzles that dates back to the Newton, why they published Crosswords for the jailbroken iPhone, and...