User Group Report #309: MacGroup-Detroit, User Group Leadership Conference & More Apple Regional Liaisons

Our focus on the Apple Regional Liaison Team continues with three more members, and we start our coverage of the events surrounding Macworld CreativePro Conference & Expo, including the User Group Leadership Conference.

Terry White of MacGroup-Detroit and Adobe outlines the successes and innovative projects that are taking his group into the future, his activites at the recent MacDesign Conference, and his presentation about MUG web sites at the upcoming User Group Leadership Conference.
Roy Atkinson of the Down East Macintosh Users Group and Regional Liaison Team member for the
Northeast United States talks about his group, why they have Austrailian members on their listserv, and the reactions he’s had from groups in his area to his “first contact” efforts.

Thomas Piper of the appleJAC Macintosh Users Group discusses his role as the Central United States Regional Liaison, how he got started in user groups, and what he would like to accomplish in the coming months.
Lynn Poos of the Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group is the only domestic third-term member of the Regional Liaison. He shares his insight into the development and evolution of the team, and helps user groups in his territory and beyond understand what the RLT offers them.

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User Group Report #308: Mac 911 & MUG Newsletters, The Regional Liaison Team, The Final Cut Pro UG Liaison, Campus Groups and MUG Deals

Whether you’re a user group newsletter leader, newsletter editor, or member, from a campus, community or Final Cut Pro user group, there’s something here for you.

Chris Breen
Chris Breen, author of Secrets of the iPod and Mac 911 talks about how and why he and Macworld magazine are making parts of his “Mac 911” column available for publication in MUG newsletters through The MUG Center’s Newsletter Content E-mail List.
Sandy Foderick
Sandy Foderick of the User Group Advisory Board discusses the new Regional Liaison Team, why MUG leaders should connect with them, the benefits and information the team members will offer, and why keeping your group’s information on the Apple web site current.
Gary Adcock
Gary Adcock of the Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group outlines his credentials as the new Regional Liaison Team member dedicated to Final Cut Pro User Groups and talks about his own group and their presence at the MacDesign Conference in their home town.
Ty Beckman
Ty Beckman of Western Illinois University Macintosh Users Group profiles his organization, what they offer, how they are organized and what they bring to their campus.

User Group Report #307: The Appleworks Users Group, Education-Based MUGs and Maryland Apple Corps’ 25th Anniversary

If you are looking for enthusiastic user group leaders, look no further. Each of this month’s guests demonstrate what can happen to a MUG when the leaders are committed and having fun with what they do.

Warrenwillaims1002-3 Cathleenmerrit1002-1

Warren Williams and Cathy Merrit of the Appleworks Users Group talk about what makes up the world’s largest user group, what they offer to their members, what they have in common with and how they help support community user groups and more.

Dave Lawrence
David Lawrence of the Pilot Butte Technology Users talks about education institution-based user groups, how it fits in with his school district, and how user group experience can be a big benefit when applying for a job.

Arno Drucker
Arno Drucker of The Maryland Apple Corps discusses his group’s longevity, their upcoming twenty-fifth anniversary celebration with Steve Wozniak, and what goes on behind the scenes.

User Group Report #306: Rick Ortiz, MUG Events at the MacDesign Conference, MUG Switcher iMovie and Deals

Guests for this edition include:

Rick Ortiz, the newest member of the Apple User Group Advisory Board talks about his group, how they involve young people, growing their group, what he brings to UGAB, and how to recognize an authentic Hawaiian shirt.

Philip Booth of the Houston Area Apple Users Group talks about how he came up with the idea for a Switcher iMovie parody to help promote his group and what it took to make it a reality.

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User Group Report #305: MacBUS, Newsletter Content, Woz at PackMUG & NAB FCPUG Network Gathering

This time around we focus on MUG activities in several regional locations and highlight a contributor to one of The MUG Center’s resource email lists.

Maria Arguello of MacBUS gives us a follow-up look at the recent Philadelphia User Group Leaders Conference hosted by her group last month, and why it was such a success, another one is planned for later this year.
Frank Petrie of the South Jersey Apple Users Group is a new and prolific contributor to The MUG Center’s Newsletter Content email list. Frank tells us why this is a good idea and gives some tips on how to produce easy, useful product reviews.
Ben McNeely of PackMUG, the North Carolina State University Macintosh Users Group, talks about how and why his group extended an invitation to Steve Wozniak to speak and their school, why he accepted, and what kinds of activities he’ll enjoy during the visit.

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