MacVoices #507: Leander Kahney on “The Cult of iPod”

Leander KahneyLeander Kahney, the author of the new The Cult of iPod from No Starch Press, discusses the impact of Apple’s portable music player (now video player) and how it has changed the music industry, the music culture and how music is consumed. The importance of digital rights management in the iPod’s success, the trademark white earphones, the selection of television programs as the first video content and why there is no end in sight are all covered by this expert on the Apple industry.


Leander Kahney is a content editor for Wired News. Before becoming an editor, Leander worked as a senior reporter specializing in Apple Computer and the Macintosh community, internet culture and emerging technologies. Many of his Mac articles were collected in a popular book, The Cult of Mac, published by No Starch Press in 2004. Leander has covered computers and technology for more than a dozen years. A former senior reporter at MacWeek, he has written for Wired magazine, Scientific American, The Observer in London and many other publications. Leander worked as a newspaper reporter in his native Great Britain for several years, covering, among other things, the war in former Yugoslavia.