User Group Report #523: Talking Dashboard and Widgets with Dori Smith, Custom Postage Stamps with Endicia Software, the New Southwest United States Apple Regional Liaison, Mac News Braintrust Commentary by Dennis Sellers and More

Talking Dashboard and widgets with an expert, creating postage stamps with your photos, a new Apple Regional Liaison, Mac Braintrust thinking, a new user group discount, MUG Center activities at Macworld Expo and more are all in this edition of the show that delivers more signal and less noise for real Mac users. This week’s edition is sponsored by Brigadoon Software.

Dori Smith, the author of the upcoming Dashboard Widgets for Mac OS X Tiger : Visual QuickStart Guide from Peachpit talks about the world of widgets and where the Dashboard is going as a new platform for these mini-applications.
Pat Castaldo of Endicia Software discusses his company’s new product and service, PictureItPostage, that lets you create real custom U.S. Postage stamps from your photos and images, as well as their postage product, Endicia for Mac.
Alex Podressoff of The Arizona Macintosh Users Group and the new Apple Regional Liaison for the Southwest United states profiles his group and talks about the challenges and opportunities of being an RL.
Dennis Sellers
Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News is our Mac News Braintrust correspondent for this edition, and will tell you about some stories he things are important that you might have missed, and why.

User Group Report #522: Troubleshooting Tiger with Ted Landau, Garr Reynolds on UGs and Presentations, Going on Photo Safari with Ann Lesnik, Braintrust Commentary with Bryan Chaffin, Talk Back to the UGR and More

Tiger troubleshooting with an expert, views on Mac user groups and presentations from a unique perspective, a fun activity for your user group (or any group), a Mac News Braintrust member on one of the week’s headlines and much more are all on this week’s bonus-length show.

Ted Landau

Ted Landau, one of the most respected names in Mac troubleshooting and the author of the upcoming Mac OS X Help Line – Tiger Edition from Peachpit discusses how to solve Tiger problems and keep the big cat purring.

Garr Reynolds of Design Matters, and the former Apple Manger for Worldwide User Group Relations talks about his days at the Mothership, the concept of an Apple Pro Group and approaching the art of presentation from a Zen perspective.

Ann Lesnik

Ann Lesnik of Washington Apple Pi outlines the Photo Safari that was one of the things that make this past weekend’s Washington Apple Pi picnic so much fun.

Bryan Chaffin
Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer and a member of our Mac News Braintrust talks about an overlooked but important development from the headlines of the week.

User Group Report #521: The Mac News Braintrust Roundtable Discussion, Brigadoon Software Lets Your Mac Phone Home If Stolen, Upcoming MUG Events and More

The editors of three of the most respected news sites on the Mac Web join the User Group Report for the first “Mac News Braintrust” roundtable discussion, and software that let’s your Mac tell you where it is if it gets stolen are included in this special edition.

Jimdalrymple1-4 Dennissellers1204-7 Bryanchaffin-5

The members of the Mac News Braintrust, Jim Dalrymple of MacCentral, Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News, and Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer discuss the hottest news story in years, Apple’s Intel announcement, podcasting and more in our feature-length interview.This event kicks off a new User Group Report segment that will bring you more than just news from the most recognized names in Apple reporting.

Martin Moran of Brigadoon Software discusses MacPhoneHome, the software that can help your Mac if it is stolen. Brigadoon boasts and impressive recovery rate, and Martin talks about their interaction with law enforcement agencies around the world to achieve that rate, as well as how the software works and why it isn’t just for mobile Macs.

User Group Report #520: Letting Widgets Run Wild with Amnesty, Protecting Your Mac with MacShield, A Programmer’s-Eye View of the Apple/Intel Announcement and More

Liberating your Widgets from Dashboard, making your Mac invulnerable to malicious and inadvertent activities, the real story on programming for the upcoming Mactels and common sense views on the Apple-Intel merger are all covered in this week’s show.

Danny Espinoza
Danny Espinoza of Mesa Dynamics talks about his new product, Amnesty, that lets Mac OS X Widgets run free of both the Dashboard, and of Tiger itself. Want your widgets on-screen at all times? Haven’t made the move to Tiger but want to get in on the widget craze. Find out how with Amnesty.

Keith Riickman Mark Eaton

Keith Rickman and Mark Eaton of Centurion Technologies introduce us to a product that you’ve been exposed to if you’ve visited any Apple Store and fawned over a new Macintosh. You didn’t even know it, but MacShield was running on that Mac, protecting it from anything you might intentionally or unintentionally do to it. Find out how your Mac can enjoy the same protection that Apple selects for their display machines.

Mark Dalrymple
Mark Dalrymple of Cocoa Heads and author of Core Mac OS X and Unix Programming delivers perspective on Apple’s announcement to move the Mac to the Intel chip architecture. You’ve heard all the hype, now get the straight story from someone with real programming credentials.

User Group Report #519: The “Mad as Hell, Switching to Mac” PC Security Expert, the Rogue Valley Mac Expo, User Group Best Practices and A New Resource

Recently, a noted computer security expert and columnist surprised readers and colleagues by announcing he was switching to the Mac. We find out why and how the move is progressing, get the story on the third annual Rogue Valley Mac Expo, review a UG best practice and a new TMC resource in this edition.

Winn Schwartau
Winn Schwartau, PC security expert, author and columnist joins us for an in-depth interview on how Windows pushed him to the edge, his methodology for evaluating the Mac platform and his agenda for this switching experiment.

Chris Kiltz
Chris Kiltz of the Josephine County Macintosh Users Group talks about her group’s upcoming regional event, the third annual Rogue Valley Mac Expo, how they have involved both national vendors and local businesses to create a unique event that suits their area, and delivers some ideas that your group can use to do the same thing.