Chuck Joiner, Chris Christensen

MacVoices #13129: Talking Travel Tech with Chris Christensen of The Amateur Traveler

As you start to make this year's vacation plans, you might give a little extra thought to how technology can help, and what you should take with you. Chris Christensen of The Amateur Traveler...
Mark Fuccio, Jeff, Gamet, Chuck_Joiner

MacVoices #13126: The MacJury Discusses The Apple Earnings Call, Product Expectations, and Corporate Strategies

The MacJury starts with a unique, real-world example of iPhone accessibility before diving into the most recent tApple earnings call. Rather than just re-state what you've already heard, however, the jurors examine Apple's supply...
Chuck Joiner, Rodney Mitchell

MacVoices #13125: NAB – Wrap-Up of the NAB Show with Rodney Mitchell of DMVCPUG

We wrap up NAB 2013 in Las Vegas with a different perspective on the show from Rodney Mitchell, the leader of the Washington DC, Maryland, & Virginia Creative Pro User Group. As a video professional,...
Ted Landau

MacVoices #13108: Ted Landau on Macworld/iWorld Date Changes, Video Problems, and The Issues With Free

Ted Landau delivers some thoughts on the date changes recently announced by Macworld/iWorld, describes a problem and the fix for video problems with sandboxed apps and the some of the expect ions and implications of...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #13100: Joe Kissell Takes Control of iCloud

Joe Kissell has made updates large and small to Take Control of iCloud, taking the book to v1.4.1 to include up-to-the-minute information on all aspects of Apple's online service. Joe talks about why user experience...