Chuck Joiner, Dan Berube, Michael Horton

MacVoices #13141: Daniel Berube and Michael Horton on The London SuperMeet, Video Production and More

Daniel Berube and Michael Horton  are back to preview the presenters and activities at the upcoming SuperMeet in London. The SuperMeet has developed into a key series of events for the video production community....
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Gamet

MacVoices #13140: Jeff Gamet on Apple, Taxes, Congress and Reality

Jeff Gamet  and host  Chuck Joiner  discuss Apple CEO Tim Cook's appearance before a Senate committee on taxes, political posturing, and the realities of Apple's tax strategies. Jeff also firmly rejects the notion of...

MacVoices #13137: Ted Landau on Apple TV, Apple Televisions and a Possible Turning Point in Apple’s Operating Systems

Ted Landau talks about the benefits of multiple Apple TVs (and why he now has one on every screen in his home), whether an Apple television makes sense, and how we all consume our...
Chuck Joiner, Karen Anderson

MacVoices #13136: Karen Anderson Discusses the History, Challenges and State of Blogging

Karen Anderson has many passions, one of which is the subject of blogging. In the first of a series of conversations on the subject, Karen helps us understand where we're going by learning about...
Chuck Joiner, Jim Tanous

MacVoices #13135: Jim Tanous Launches The New Tech News Site, TekRevue

TekRevue is the newest tech news and information site on the web, and we've got the founder and head guy, Jim Tanous, to tell us about it. Jim talks about why, in an already...