Briefing - GatorGrip

MacVoices #24001: MacVoices Briefing – GatorGrip Phone and Tablet Stands

The GatorGrip stand for tablets and iPhones make a great addition to your iPhone or iPad. Find out how these minimalist stands function in both portrait and landscape modes, take up no room, and...
Brydge Keyboard for iPad mini 4

MacVoices #19084: Briefing – The Brydge Keyboard for the iPad mini 4

The Brydge Keyboard for the iPad mini 4 turns an already useful device into a small productivity powerhouse. Find out about its features, special keys, and why its design is so important to its usefulness. MacVoices...
Apple HomePod

MacVoices #18081: Briefing – Five Reasons To Use Apple HomePod and Apple Music

Now that we are almost two months into Apple HomePod, and it has seen its first update, Chuck outlines how Apple HomePod has altered his music listening habits, and provides his top five reasons...
Briefing - OWC Drive Dock

MacVoices #23308: MacVoices Briefing – The OWC Drive Dock

Chuck provides a briefing on the function and benefits of the OWC Drive Dock from Other World Computing. Connection, operation, and some suggested use cases are included, as well as recommendations on drive naming...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Gamet

MacVoices #24127: MacVoices Briefing on The Wacom One 13″ Touch Tablet with Jeff Gamet (1)

0 To properly evaluate the Wacom One 13” Touch Tablet, Jeff Gamet joins this Briefing as someone who holds an expert status in creating art with tablets of all descriptions. What started as a normal Briefing...