Briefing - GatorGrip

MacVoices #24001: MacVoices Briefing – GatorGrip Phone and Tablet Stands

The GatorGrip stand for tablets and iPhones make a great addition to your iPhone or iPad. Find out how these minimalist stands function in both portrait and landscape modes, take up no room, and...
Briefing - OWC Drive Dock

MacVoices #23308: MacVoices Briefing – The OWC Drive Dock

Chuck provides a briefing on the function and benefits of the OWC Drive Dock from Other World Computing. Connection, operation, and some suggested use cases are included, as well as recommendations on drive naming...
MacVoices Briefing - Protecting Your Gear

MacVoices #23249: MacVoices Briefing – Protecting Your Gear

Chuck Joiner shares the choices he has made to protect his very expensive Apple Gear with the goal of maintaining functionality as well as cosmetic appearance, maximizing sale or trade in values. Laptops, iPhone,...
MacVoices Briefing - Getting Informed About Generative AI

MacVoices #23120: MacVoices Briefing – Getting Informed About Generative AI

In this MacVoices Briefing, Chuck provides information on several podcast episodes from other shows that will inform your thinking about generative AI tools. Where we are, where we are going, and the ways you...
MacVoices22172 Anker PowerConf C200

MacVoices #22172: MacVoices Briefing – The Anker PowerConf C200 Webcam

This MacVoices Briefing covers the Anker PowerConf C200 Webcam. Featuring a 2K resolution, stereo noise-cancelling mics, and adjustable fields of view, the PowerConf offers some terrific features at a price that makes it easy...