Chuck Joiner, Michael E. Cohen

MacVoices #17161: Michael E. Cohen Takes Control of PDFpen 9

Want to get more out of one of your favorite utilities? Michael E. Cohen and Take Control Books have released Take Control of PDFpen 9,  a free book that covers the latest edition of PDFpen and...

MacVoices #520: Winn Schwartau on Why the Sony Rootkit Issue Was a Non-Issue

Internet security expert and notable Mac switcher Winn Schwartau discusses the Sony rootkit issue and why he didn't bother with it. Winn also covers the challenges of enterprise-level migrations to the Mac and why...
Chuck Joiner, Shelly Brisbin

MacVoices #16082: Shelly Brisbin Revises and Expands iOS Access for All

Shelly Brisbin  has updated and expanded iOS Access for All, bringing it to the third edition, and addressing changes and updates in iOS 9. She discusses some of the changes and improvements in this...

MacVoices #984: An Introduction to Google Voice by Julio Ojeda-Zapata and Chuck Rogers

Google Voice is finally issuing invitations and welcoming new users. What's all the excitement about? Two enthusiastic advocates of Google's telephony service, tech columnist Julio Ojeda-Zapata and Mac consultant Chuck Rogers, deliver a primer...
Chuck Joiner, Jason Snell

MacVoices #19235: Jason Snell Takes Control of Apple’s Photos App for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Jason Snell helps you get the most out of Apple’s stock photo apps in the new edition of Take Control of Photos. In this discussion, Jason dives into the power of machine learning, what you can...