Take Control

Authors from the Take Control eBook series

Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #18073: Jeff Carlson Updates Take Control of Lightroom CC

Jeff Carlson is back to discuss an update to his Take Control of Lightroom CC that helps us not only understand the differences between the flavors of the program, but also talks about some of...
Chuck Joiner, Josh Centers

MacVoices #18071: Josh Centers Takes Control of Apple TV Again

While Josh Centers has updated his Take Control of Apple TV to cover the latest hardware and software releases, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t paying attention to the competing devices. He shares his...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices # 18070: Jeff Carlson Takes Control of Your Digital Photos Everywhere

In Take Control of Your Digital Photos, Jeff Carlson not only updates his existing Take Control book with a new title, but expands on his coverage of the topic by including both the Mac and Windows...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #18060: Joe Kissell Updates Books On Passwords and 1Password

Joe Kissell is back for his first appearance of 2018, and talks about new editions of two of his books that are important to anyone who uses a computer or online device of any...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #17227: Joe Kissell Releases Four Take Control Titles Updated for High Sierra

 Joe Kissell is ending 2017 with a bang, bringing four book titles back to Take Control, and updating them for High Sierra in the process. Take Control of Speeding Up Your Mac, Take Control of Troubleshooting Your...