Chuck Joiner, Sahil Sarosh

MacVoices #14089: Macworld – CrowdPlat Helps You Pick The Right Team To Build Your App

Looking to build an app of your very own but don't know where to start?  At Macworld/iWorld 2014, Sahil Sarosh, the President and CEO of CrowdPlat answers that question with their service that helps...
Chuck Joiner, Brett Terpstra

MacVoices #14048: Road to Macworld – Brett Terpstra Explains How to Do More and Work Less

The Road to Macworld takes us to  Brett Terpstra, who  will be presenting a session that will benefit everyone:  The Efficient Mac User – OS X Tips for Getting More Done with Less Work....
Chuck Joiner, Ewen Rankin

MacVoices #14059: Road to Macworld – Ewen Rankin Harnesses OS X For Photographers and Videographers

) The Road to Macworld  takes us back across the pond to talk to Ewen Rankin, who will be delivering the  Maximizing OS X for the Photographer & Videographer  presentation at the show. Ewen explains...
Chuck Joiner, Andrea Pejrolo

MacVoices #14061: Road to Macworld – Andrea Pejrolo on iPad Recording and Taking Logic Pro X to Eleven

The Road to Macworld  takes a musical turn as we talk to  Andrea Pejrolo, Assistant Chair – Contemporary Writing Department Berklee College of Music, and he briefs us about all of his activities at...
Chuck Joiner, Peter Bondarevskyi

MacVoices #14087: Macworld – VOX Will Play Almost Any Audio Format, Including Lossless

At Macworld/iWorld 2014, Petro Bondarevskyi, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Coppertino explains why you will want to give their new music app VOX a try. VOX will handle pretty much anything...