MacVoices #750 – Stacy Levey and Mike Basilio Discuss the Successful Launch of Mac|Life

Longtime fans of MacAddict know that, in January, the magazine re branded and relaunched as the new Mac|Life magazine. Stacy Levey, the Associate Publisher and Mike Basilio, the Marketing Manager for Mac|Life discuss some of the reasons for the change and focus on their enhanced coverage of the Mac community. Citing that their “addiction is really a way of life,” they cover some of the new features of both the print and online aspects of Mac\Life and how they fit in with the goal of being, “the most entertaining Mac magazine and web site.” The importance of balancing the style aspect with tech credibility, why a CD with the magazine isn’t part of the new identity, their launch at Macworld Expo and Mac|Life’s involvement with Campus MovieFest are all part of the discussion of the publication’s present and future.


MacVoices #680: Rik Myslewski on the Evolution of MacAddict Into Mac|Life Magazine

Campus MovieFest