MacVoices #714 – MacVoices at Expo: Freeverse Software’s Bruce Morrison on Why They Are More Than A Game Company

Freeverse Software
In the Freeverse Software booth at Macworld Expo, Bruce Morrison talks about Freeverse’s Big Bang Brain Games, and why they are something new for the Mac audience. Bruce also discusses how Freeverse has branched out and added programs that are not games, but fit with their focus and their company culture. Sound Studio, Line Form and Comic Life are all discussed, as is the presence of a green-haired girl as part of their Expo presence.


“Wingnuts 2 (Mac)” (Freeverse Software)

“Burning Monkey Solitaire 2005 Edition” (Freeverse Software)

“Sound Studio 3: Record, Edit, Add Effects to Audio (Mac)” (Freeverse Software)

“Freeverse LineForm Modern Vector Illustration (Mac)” (Freeverse Software)

“Comic Life Deluxe: Comic Strip, Comic Book Creator (Mac)” (Freeverse Software)


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