CES 2019

The MacVoices coverage of CES 2019 takes a “if you were walking through the show” approach, stopping at booths to talk to exhibitors about their products. This year, a total of 72 interviews cover products and services both Apple-tech related, and of general interest to anyone with a technology bent, with vendors both brand new to MacVoices, as well as old friends.

The interviews include:

MacVoices #19004: CES Unveiled – nomadplug’s Power Adapter Works Anywhere In The World

MacVoices #19005: CES Unveiled – 3dRudder VR Control Device Adds PlayStation Compatibility

MacVoices #19006: CES Unveiled – Catalyst Introduces Waterproof Cases for AirPods, Apple Watch and iPhone

MacVoices #19007: CES Unveiled – Pivo Follows Faces and Objects On Both Front and Back iPhone Cameras

MacVoices #19008: CES Unveiled – Legrand Puts The Voice Assistant In The Wall Switch

MacVoices #19009: CES Unveiled – NEOFECT’s NeoMano Provides A Robotic Grip for Paralysis Victims

MacVoices #19010: CES Unveiled – ThirdEye Makes Mixed Reality Glasses Smaller and Better

MacVoices #19011: CES Unveiled – Cedar Electronics’ Escort and Cobra Brands Upgrade Their Car Options

MacVoices #19012: CES Unveiled – Cable Gear Introduces An All-In-One Travel Adapter

MacVoices #19013: CES Unveiled – Smartbeat Visually Monitors Your Baby’s Sleep

MacVoices #19014: CES Unveiled – Eve Goes All In On Siri, With New Smart Home Devices

MacVoices #19015: CES Unveiled – Targus Puts Your Computer On Four Monitors At Once

MacVoices #19016: CES Unveiled – Other World Computing Shows Off Docks, Connectors and More

MacVoices #19017: CES Unveiled – Sphero’s Specdrums Let You Play Music Using Color

MacVoices #19018: CES Unveiled – LumeCube Launches A Video Conference Lighting Solution

MacVoices #19019: Pepcom – Owl Cam Delivers Security For Your Car, Driving or Parked

MacVoices #19020: Pepcom – Plex Lets You Play Streaming Media And Local Files

MacVoices #19021: Pepcom – Blue Introduces A New Streaming and Recording Microphone, Ember

MacVoices #19022: Pepcom – Klaxoon Introduces Two New Ways To Make Meetings Productive

MacVoices #19023: Pepcom – uBeam Delivers Wireless Power Using Ultrasound

MacVoices #19024: Pepcom – Sound of Sleep Helps You Get The Rest You Need

MacVoices #19025: Pepcom – EyeQue Performs At-Home Vision Testing Using Your iPhone

MacVoices #19026: Pepcom – Black Eye Delivers Clip-On Lens Solutions For Any Phone

MacVoices #19027: Pepcom – Synology Announces A New NAS and a WPA3 Mesh Router

MacVoices #19028: Pepcom – Twelve South’s Picture Frame – Phone Charger Just Makes Sense

MacVoices #19029: Pepcom – Voicea Uses An Intelligent Assistant To Take Notes At Your Next Meeting

MacVoices #19030: Pepcom – iOttie’s New Wireless Charging Batteries and Alexa Car Mounts

MacVoices #19031: Pepcom – IOGEAR Releases New Products for Video, Connectivity, and Gaming

MacVoices #19032: Pepcom – Speck Makes Your iOS Devices More Useful and Safer

MacVoices #19033: Pepcom – Tablo Offers New Options For Their OTA DVR

MacVoices #19034: Pepcom – Anker Adds To Their Extensive Product Line

MacVoices #19035: Pepcom – Grayhill’s Touch Encoder Offers Control for Makers

MacVoices #19036: CES – Ovel Launches A Different Kind of Laptop Stand

MacVoices #19037: CES – udoq Unifies and Adapts To All Your Devices’ Charging Needs

MacVoices #19038: CES – My Keeper Signals Emergencies When You Can’t Use Your Phone

MacVoices #19039: CES – FenSens Helps You Park Your Car Safely

MacVoices #19040: CES – One Bag Tag Tracks and Secures Your Luggage

MacVoices #19041: CES – Ampere Demos Their Three-Device Charging Pad, Unravel

MacVoices #19042: CES – DeScamer Protects You From Credit Card Skimming Devices

MacVoices #19043: CES – WeatherCheck Alerts You To Property Damage Based on Weather Events

MacVoices #19044: CES – Zon Simplifies The Smart Home Experience

MacVoices #19045: CES – CINEMOOD’s Video Projector For Kids Includes Content and Streaming Option

MacVoices #19046: CES – ProxyPics Delivers Custom Photos of Any Property or Location On Demand

MacVoices #19047: CES – Ring Introduces New Security Light and Peep Hole Camera

MacVoices #19048: CES – iCreation Releases A Doorbell and Lock with Face Recognition

MacVoices #19049: CES – PEEQ Shows Off Throwable Microphone, Qball

MacVoices #19050: CES – AirSelfie Isn’t a Drone, It’s A Flying Camera

MacVoices #19051: CES – linedock Adds Ports, Power, and Flexibility To Your MacBook Pro

MacVoices #19052: ShowStoppers – Sonarworks Makes Sure Your Music Sounds The Same Across Devices

MacVoices #19053: ShowStoppers – SELFLY’s Selfie Drone Fits On Your iPhone

MacVoices #19054: ShowStoppers – Iconcase Delivers Visual Notifications of Calls and Messages

MacVoices #19055: ShowStoppers – Smarte Gives You Freedom From Alexa’s Constant Listening

MacVoices #19056: ShowStoppers – Kidde Smoke Detectors Last Ten Years And Automatically Network

MacVoices #19057: ShowStoppers – Robolink Introduces Zumi To Teach Kids Programming

MacVoices #19058: ShowStoppers – LaMetric Introduces Panels That Combine Light and Information

MacVoices #19059: ShowStoppers – Nanoleaf Expands Their Line of Responsive, Programmable Light Panels

MacVoices #19060: ShowStoppers – Otter Is A Transcription Service For Long-Form Content

MacVoices #19061: ShowStoppers – Mycroft Offers An Open Source Voice Assistant Option

MacVoices #19062: ShowStoppers – Olloclip Delivers new iPhone Lens Options

MacVoices #19063: CES – Insta360 Introduces A Throwable 360-Degree Camera

MacVoices #19064: CES – UVify Offers A “Drones As A Service” Option For Corporations

MacVoices #19065: CES – John Deere Is Taking Farming Into The Future

MacVoices #19066: CES – 1MORE Continues Their Tradition of Award-Winning Triple Driver Headphones

MacVoices #19067: CES – Matias Has A Keyboard – Modern, Traditional, Wired or Wireless – For Everyone

MacVoices #19068: CES – Brydge Has Keyboards For All iPad Models, Including USB-C

MacVoices #19069: CES – ProClip Provides Car Mounts For Both B2B and B2C Customers

MacVoices #19070: CES – PAPAGO and Gecko Gear Have A Dash Cam For Every Type of User

MacVoices #19071: CES – Satechi Releases A Diverse Set of New Products

MacVoices #19072: CES – Arozzi Introduces Super-Comfortable Star Trek-Themed Gaming Chairs

MacVoices #19073: CES – STM and Element Case Show Off New Gear

MacVoices #19074: CES – Bellus3D Can Scan Your Face With An iPhone For Various Uses

MacVoices #19075: CES – Nanoveu’s EyeFly3D Delivers 3D On The iPhone Without Glasses

MacVoices #19076: CES Wrap-Up and Impressions with Norbert Frassa