User Group Report #527: Lynda Weinman of, Hawaii Mac Nuts’ Latest Project, Mac News Braintrust with Dennis Sellers of Macsimum Perspective, Backing Up Your Mac Part 4 and More

This week we look at a vendor-user group project from both sides, get the details on one of the premier training sites on the internet and what they offer on- and offline, talk about the week’s Mac news, discuss the importance of off-site backups and more.

Lynda Weinman
Lynda Weinman, the founder of, talks about her start in the user group community, how her site has grown into on of the largest and most diverse providers of computer training, how they maintain their quality while contining to expand, and more.

Margaret Strubel
Margaret Strubel of Hawaii Mac Nuts discusses their new series of Mac training seminars for both their members and their community, and their partnership with as the supplier of some of the materials being presented.

Dennis Seller
Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News covers some of the most important Mac news of the week and peers into his crystal ball to discuss what may be coming later this year.


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