User Group Report #504: Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News, In-Depth with Dan de Grandpre of dealmac, Cocoa Heads & User Group News Updates

We take a look at the hottest new Mac news site, talk in detail about how the #1 deal site on the Mac web continues to grow and improve and how they are interacting with their readers, profile a Mac programming user group and catch up on the latest MUG deals and news.

Dennis Sellers
Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News discusses his latest project, how it grew from a part time idea into the latest news site on the Mac web, what differentiates it from its competitors and the unique resources it offers, including the new Macsimum Newscast.

Dan de Gandpre
Dan de Grandpre of dealmac takes us behind the scenes of the original Mac deal web site, the services they have added to make it even more valuable and how their readers responded to a Southeast Asia tsunami charity project. With almost a year of user group visits under his belt, Dan also provides some thoughts on what MUGs can do to help guest speakers deliver the kind of presentation that everyone wants.

Mark Dalrymple
Mark Dalrymple of Cocoa Heads and author of Core Mac Osx And Unix Programming takes us inside a Mac programming group, what they do, and how they interact and mix with a local mainstream community MUG.