User Group Report #502: The AppleWorks Users Group & Hacking iTunes

iWork was the hottest software introduced at Macworld Conference & Expo last month. We take a detailed look at where it is, where it is going, and how the world’s largest user group will support their members during the transition. We also talk to a noted author who has various Apple and MUG roots, find out about his projects and how he wants to become more involved with user groups.

Warren Williams
Cathy Merritt

Warren Williams and Cathy Merritt of The AppleWorks Users Group (AWUG) join us to talk about Apple’s introduction of iWork, the building of, “…the successor to AppleWorks,” and how they are already looking at adapting their group and their extensive resources to meet the needs of their members and all the opportunities that the new products offer. AWUG offers resources and benefits that local user groups can take advantage of. Find out about those and more in this in-depth interview with two experts on one of Apple’s most enduring software products.

Scott Knaster
Scott Knaster, author of Hacking iPod + iTunes and MacToys: 12 Cool Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment talks about his books and what they offer user groups, his latest project, Hacking Mac OS X Tiger, his unsual collection of URLs, and how your group can invite him to be a speaker at an upcoming meeting.