User Group Report #321: User Group University Keynote & Updates and Macworld MUG Sponsor Group

The user group events at Macworld Expo, as well as User Group University take center stage, with a focus on the UGU Keynote, the sponsor group that helps make it all possible, an update on the content, and a special announcement about the Adobe User Group Breakfast.

Christopher Breen, Contributing Editor for Macworld magazine and author of Peachpit Press’ Secrets of the iPod (3ed edition) and Mac 911, and the User Group University keynote speaker, talks about the top-secret title of his User Group University keynote address, why he’s excited to be doing it, and where else you can hear him present at Expo.
Ronnie Roche
Ronnie Roche, President of the North Coast Macintosh Users Group, outlines why her group takes such an active role in the user group community, including being the host group for User Group University, and the User Group Lounge, as well as acting as the anchor group for the User Group Booth.
Trish Huffman of the Macworld/User Group University Planning Team reveals the sessions and presenters for User Group University, and discusses why, with such a distinguished faculty and varity of sessions, this is the best UGU yet!