Take Control

Authors from the Take Control eBook series

MacVoices #690: Laurence Chen Takes Control of Buying a Digital Camera

Thinking about buying a digital camera? Laurence Chen, the author of Take Control of Buying A Digital Camera helps you make the right choice. Laurence explains why the kind of photographs and the kind...

MacVoices #658: Steve Sande Gets In-Depth with iWeb and His New Take Control Book

Steve Sande, the author of Take Control of iWeb, one of the newest Take Control eBooks, goes in-depth on Apple's web publishing tool, part of the iLife '06 suite. Steve talks about why iWeb...

MacVoices #657: Joe Kissell Talks About Taking Control of Running Windows on a Mac

Joe Kissell's new eBook will help you Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, and our interview with Joe gets you started. Joe reviews the three primary options for putting Windows on your...

MacVoices #652: Sharon Aker Helps You Take Control of Your Fonts and Font Issues

Sharon Aker, the author of two new Take Control eBooks, Take Control of Fonts in Mac OS X and Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X, takes us on a trip into...

MacVoices #642: Podcasting Wisdom from Take Control Author Andy Williams Affleck

Andy Williams Affleck, the author of the just-updated Take Control of Podcasting On The Mac, discusses how podcasting has evolved, gives his top three suggestions to would-be podcasters, his impressions of GarageBand 3, outlines...