Take Control

Authors from the Take Control eBook series

MacVoices #642: Podcasting Wisdom from Take Control Author Andy Williams Affleck

Andy Williams Affleck, the author of the just-updated Take Control of Podcasting On The Mac, discusses how podcasting has evolved, gives his top three suggestions to would-be podcasters, his impressions of GarageBand 3, outlines...

MacVoices #641: Joe Kissel on Mac Maintenance and His New Take Control eBook

Joe Kissel is back to talk about his latest effort, Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac. What do you need to do on a one-time, daily, weekly and even annual basis to keep your...

MacVoices #636: Joe Kissel Takes Control of the New .Mac Features

Joe Kissell, the author of the just-updated Take Control of .Mac ebook, talks about the latest updates to Apple's .Mac service, including new bandwidth allocations, new features and some overlooked aspects of .Mac and...

MacVoices #516: Switching to the Mac with Scott Knaster

You are probably already a Mac user. You also probably know Windows users who are curious. As the iPod popularity grows, more users are getting a taste of Apple technology and find out they...